Sunny weekend in Paris

I hope you all have a wonderful Spring break! It’s a Wednesday today, and since I don’t have any classes, I finally have time to post about my last time exploring Paris.


I am sure you guys all watched the The Hunchback of Notre Dame when you were a child. And yes I did too. It was actually my favorite cartoon movie. Who could believe I would be here today, standing in front of the real Notre Dame? It’s like a dream came true!



This is the Louvre. The most famous museum in Paris. the museum is actually underground. I didn’t go in because the line was too long and I planned to go see several places. But I am definitely coming back here someday to see the Mona Lisa!


This picture I took as I walked by the Seine river. It’s so beautiful and colorful it almost look like a painting!


I ended up at the Montmartre cathedral at night. The place was full of people on the steps out side the cathedral. Young people come here with their friends, have a beer or two, chatting, and listening to music performed by the street artist. In side the cathedral was totally opposite. There were only few people. The place feels quiet and peaceful. It was so beautiful in side the cathedral. Candles lit up the place and it was full of paintings and statues. unfortunately we weren’t allow to take pictures so I can’t show you guys how it look.

After visiting the Montmartre cathedral, we went to a restaurant near by. I tried the beef bourguignon, the famous French dish, and the snails called escargots. They were both delicicous! ImageImageSo that is the end of my day! I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! Just 2 more days of school and I am heading to Belgium for the weekend! So hang in there, Brussels pictures are coming soon 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sunny weekend in Paris

  1. I love your photos Anh. I have been to Paris many times and I still loving seeing all the places you went. By the way, I have never been to Belgium, so take lots of pictures there. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful experience. I’m sure you’ll be ready to come back to Lebanon, Il soon 🙂

    • Thank you! I am having the time of my live, and I am not ready to be back to Lebanon just yet! I do miss Mckendree though. Don’t worry, I will post lots of Brussels pictures!

  2. Amy:

    I enjoy following your blog posts but they make me jealous that I am unable to travel to all the varied locations in your pictures. I’m sure you are learning a lot from all of these experiences — I’m glad you are embracing adventures like Stonehenge despite the transportation steps you had to work through. Keep posting pictures!!


    P.S. I’m glad your apartment is working out.

    • Thank you so much! I really am enjoying Paris even though I only have 2 weeks left to be here. Also exams are coming up so I am really busy. But I will try my best to go to other places that I haven’t been to. Pictures are coming!

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