Great Britain (part 2)

Stonehenge (Yes! I got to see the Stonehenge, in person!) 

I booked the train ticket from London to Salisbury. It took an hour to get there. From Salisbury, I took a bus to go to Stonehenge. The bus didn’t take me all the way, I had to took a taxi for the rest of the trip. But it was totally worth it! 

Imagei also pre booked the admission ticket online. When I get there, they give me a card to use for the carriage and an admission tag to put on my coat.


Image And here goes the Stonehenge… 




On my way back, because it was sunny and rainy at the same time, I saw double rainbow!



Shakespeare Village

I was really lucky that I was able to join my friends for there Shakespeare Village that their school organized. So I only have to pay 5 pounds for the ticket. It took us 2 hours to get there. It is a really nice and peaceful place. We went to Shakespeare’s birth place, his daughter’s house, and also his grave. 




So that’s it to my UK trip. Back to school in Paris, the weather here is getting much nicer and warmer. I am definitely going to visit more places in Paris. So wait for my new post with more Paris pictures soon!



One thought on “Great Britain (part 2)

  1. I love your photos Anh and I’m glad you’re having a wonderful time! Post more photos when you get the chance. I hope you’re having the time of your life!!!

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