A new life

So I have been in Paris for over a month. Everything is settled, and here is a look back for my new life.

This is the first house that I stayed in when i got to Paris. It was a really lovely place, but it was a little far from school, so I had to find another place.



And this is my current place, I rent an apartment and share it with 2 people. It is a newer building compare to others in Paris. I like that it is much closer to school, and also close to China town. So I never have to worry about what I am going to eat. The journey of finding a place what quite difficult. But there are so many different web sites that you can look at to find a place. You just have to go and look at the house/apartment/studio and talk to the landlord, and don’t trust the pictures they give you.

Here are some links to look for apartments in Paris:






About school, Pole ESG is a group of 4 schools. I have classes at 2 of them. It is a bit harder because classes schedule doesn’t stay the same every week. So every monday, I have to log in to extranet (like our Blackboard)  to see what time and what room my class is going to be in. Also, classes here are all 3 hours straight instead of 1, or 2 hours per class session.

Since I live close to China town, I eat mostly Asian food. But I did get to try the French steak, and wine. Which is the famous French meal. And don’t worry, I didn’t break any law, drinking age here is only 18!





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